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Eardrum, that Mindscreen and then...

Film Maker

  • Thursday Feb, 17, 2022

Eardrum, that Mindscreen and then, The.... 

Life was all about Cricket. Then, came the liking for Music; A R Rahman and his Music, especially the BGM, incited the Creative phase in me - I started humming my own Songs - Lyrics. Sooner, it instigated some Visualization in my Mindscreen, wanting to write few scenes. Gradually, I started penning my imaginations. 

While I was in School and College, I always wanted to go to Chennai and Make Movies. But, after irresponsibly failing out of Engineering College, in 2008, I had to come to Chennai, to work in a Call Center, to meet my Financial commitments. However, the Inspiration to Make Films kept kindling the deeper thoughts. 

On a good great day in 2009, spotting the 'Mindscreen Film Institute' accidentally, just behind my room in Alwarpet, instigated my desire more. After a cherishing Interview Experience with my first 'Film Making' Mentor - Louis Cadier, I managed to win a seat to pursue 'Diploma in Screenwriting & Film Making'. But, I couldn't quit my Night Shift Job at the Call Center, which was my only source of living and supporting the family. Availed a Personal Loan, paid the fees, spoke to my Managers and got a fixed late night shift at Office, and there, I stepped into that First Day at Film School - February 10, 2010. 

Struggled a lot to manage to attend the Class in the Day, Sleep for 2 to 3 Hours, Work at Night, and the repeat. Director Rajiv Menon would jokingly tell everyone in the Class, "He has just come back from Night Shift. Don't give him a Camera, he may fall asleep and put it down". 

Fighting all the odd sleepy scenes, I managed to get graduated and certified to be an 'Assistant Director', in August, 2010. 

One best experience of the life time! 

But, while my Friends from the Film School, were starting to work as ADs in Film Industry, quitting the Call Center Job to pursue a Film Making Career, was never an option for me. Then I Moved to a better job in 2011, but had to support the family, and couldn't think of making into any part of Films. Now, have grown into a HR in Cognizant, an IT firm, but still, yet to move that step, left back at the Film School, any closer to Film Making. 

Life teaches the difficult reality and the Political Situation teaches the absolute need of the hour. Music, Film and Writing, that were all a Basic Need back then, had become second to Social Responsibility, Political Literacy & the Rational Deeds. 
One good thing about this pause is, it has helped the Humane, Film Maker in me. Had I pursued the career in Film Making earlier and by any chance, if I have got that rare gold opportunity, I would've made an unworthy film, adding a less valued product, to this Art form. This pause seems to be a virtue in itself. 

As a HR, I always insist my Fellow Employees, not to Exploit someone else's Opportunity, if they cannot Commit to put in a Honest Effort at Work. I am glad that I didn't exploit someone else's opportunity, knowingly or unknowingly. On this day, I am Aware; am Prepared; am Confident; am ready to Utilise the Opportunity to make it any small, smaller, smallest; but, to invest my Honest Efforts, to add to the good great works, of this Awesome Art Form - Cinema. 

It's time for me to reciprocate the Love, Humanity and Social Responsibility, which our People & Films, have always fed me with. 

Eardrum, that Mindscreen and then, The Art, still in making....

Self Realisation & Social Responsibility, would make a lot of difference in anything and everything we do. My Best Wishes to Everyone, who is making an Honest Effort, wherever you are!!

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Put your effort, rest will follow

Film Maker

  • Saturday Feb, 12, 2022

I started off as an AD going to many directors' offices using the cinema directory...But opportunity doesn't knock your door, you should only knock others' door . Likewise, a random person got me an opportunity to work with my mentor Milind Rau sir and later Milind Rau sir joined me with R Kannan sir. I am what i am today coz what my two mentors taught me.  

Put your effort. Rest will follow. But believe one thing, Cinema is a journey and never a destination. When you are a job seeker or an apprentice or an AD, or a Director, it's still a journey. Daily put your effort in this journey. Your effort should be sincere, consistent and maximum. Do this in a loop daily. Thats it but that's not it. It takes more than "That's it". 

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The Big Break

Job Seeker

  • Friday Feb, 11, 2022

I had finished my filmmaking course ages back and to be honest I never thought it will be easy finding the way in this world. At the outset it looks easy but as you step in it is Alice in wonderland where one can easily lose himself on his way. You want to be a film maker but you will become anything just to keep in touch or stay in this wonderland a little longer forgetting your purpose itself. The connections are there but none reliable to give you that break even if you are ready to compromise along it’s way.

i just want to say keep that dream alive and hope as stated in the film “ THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION “ believe that “Hope is a good thing; probably the best thing”  and someday you will fit in this place to complete yourself and bask in its glory.


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When things go wrong they will go wrong!

Film Maker

  • Tuesday Feb, 16, 2021

I joined Tamil Nadu's top director KS Ravi Kumar to work for his film. I was on cloud nine. Imagine when I came to know that he was making a period film with the Mr Rajnikant himself. We started shoot with a romantic waterfall scene with Deepika the princess. Life was set for me. I was getting so much experience and was sure to gain much. 


That's when Luck struck!


Rajnikant got ill and the film was shelved after a long wait. We did the script for Kochadiyaan a prequel to Rana hoping some portions at least we would shoot live with Mr Rajnikant. But that was not to be as his health would not allow it. 


We soon started working on Policegiri, a Hindi film. I saw promise here too because I wanted to make Hindi films in the future and this would be my entry. We started work with Sanjay Dutt and Prakash Raj.


Bang! One day Dabangg 2 released. They had not only parts of the story but even dialogues and the same villian, not to speak of other actors. We had remade a Tamil film but they were inspired by it. We barely stood a chance but we carried on and completed the film. A sword had been hanging above us all along and just when the film was planned to be released MR Dutt was sent to jail. This did not help our film it hampered our promotions. Without our hero we could not do promotions. 


So the point I am making is when things go wrong they will go wrong and in the film industry it is more true than ever. So if you wish to become a film maker do keep your patience handy.


Our only consolation later was that the film did manage decently in rural sectors.

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