The Big Break

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  • Friday Feb, 11, 2022

I had finished my filmmaking course ages back and to be honest I never thought it will be easy finding the way in this world. At the outset it looks easy but as you step in it is Alice in wonderland where one can easily lose himself on his way. You want to be a film maker but you will become anything just to keep in touch or stay in this wonderland a little longer forgetting your purpose itself. The connections are there but none reliable to give you that break even if you are ready to compromise along it’s way.

i just want to say keep that dream alive and hope as stated in the film “ THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION “ believe that “Hope is a good thing; probably the best thing”  and someday you will fit in this place to complete yourself and bask in its glory.


-Vaibhav Kawdia

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  • Ishrat

    I think this is where Kinosphere, the film app, will be of great service to people like you.

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