Short Film Contest

Judged By

Mr. Priyadarshan


Awards Given By

Mr. K.S Ravikumar


How to Register your Short Films

  • Short Film Contest begins on August 1st 2023. Please do not submit before that.

  • Register your details and submit your short film under the Short Films category.

  • After submitting the short film, kindly share the following details at

    1. Name of your Short Film
    2. Director’s Name
    3. Screenshot of the Payment


Prize Name Condition Amount
Appreciation Prize 1000+ Views ₹1,000/-
Super Hit Film(Top Perfoming Film) Most Views+ Comments ₹3,000/-
Hit Film(2nd Top Perfoming Film) 2nd Most Views+ Comments ₹2,000/-
Most Liked Film Most Likes ₹3,000/-
2nd Most Liked Film 2nd Most Likes ₹2,000/-
Best Film Critics Critics Choice From Above Winners ₹50,000/-
2nd Best Film Critics 2nd Critics Choice From Above Winners ₹10,000/-


All entrants must adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Entries for the Short Film Festival are open for everyone.

  • The Short Film can be based on any subject or concept.

  • The short film can be in any language.

  • The total runtime of the Short Film, including opening & closing credits, should strictly be a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.

  • All content used in the short film must be either owned or licensed. If any copyrighted material is used in the film, the participant must have the permission and submit a copy to the Festival Organizers. If we find any plagiarism, that particular short film and the team will be disqualified.

  • Recent works are welcomed. Even if it your old work you can submit.

  • Nudity and pornographic content are grounds for disqualification.


  • The judges may disqualify a film if they have reason to believe that it does not comply with the entry Terms and Conditions, so make sure you have read them thoroughly!

  • Judging criteria to shortlist the best 30 participant’s short film are based on three major criteria likes, comments and the Kinosphere team.

  • 30% of the total points are split into two categories; Each like= 2 points, Each comment = 1 point.

  • 70% of the points will be given by the kinosphere team.

  • The top 10 films will be screened for top directors like Mr. Priyadarshan.

  • Awards will be given away by Top Director Mr. KS Ravikumar.

Entry Fee

The Entry fee is ₹ 1500 Per Film. Entry Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Bank Account

You can make payment directly through NEFT/IMPS to our HDFC Bank

Account no: 50200061895381
IFSC Code: HDFC0001216