Put your effort, rest will follow

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  • Saturday Feb, 12, 2022

I started off as an AD going to many directors' offices using the cinema directory...But opportunity doesn't knock your door, you should only knock others' door . Likewise, a random person got me an opportunity to work with my mentor Milind Rau sir and later Milind Rau sir joined me with R Kannan sir. I am what i am today coz what my two mentors taught me.  

Put your effort. Rest will follow. But believe one thing, Cinema is a journey and never a destination. When you are a job seeker or an apprentice or an AD, or a Director, it's still a journey. Daily put your effort in this journey. Your effort should be sincere, consistent and maximum. Do this in a loop daily. Thats it but that's not it. It takes more than "That's it". 

-Gopinath Narayanamoorthy

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