When things go wrong they will go wrong!

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  • Tuesday Feb, 16, 2021

I joined Tamil Nadu's top director KS Ravi Kumar to work for his film. I was on cloud nine. Imagine when I came to know that he was making a period film with the Mr Rajnikant himself. We started shoot with a romantic waterfall scene with Deepika the princess. Life was set for me. I was getting so much experience and was sure to gain much. 


That's when Luck struck!


Rajnikant got ill and the film was shelved after a long wait. We did the script for Kochadiyaan a prequel to Rana hoping some portions at least we would shoot live with Mr Rajnikant. But that was not to be as his health would not allow it. 


We soon started working on Policegiri, a Hindi film. I saw promise here too because I wanted to make Hindi films in the future and this would be my entry. We started work with Sanjay Dutt and Prakash Raj.


Bang! One day Dabangg 2 released. They had not only parts of the story but even dialogues and the same villian, not to speak of other actors. We had remade a Tamil film but they were inspired by it. We barely stood a chance but we carried on and completed the film. A sword had been hanging above us all along and just when the film was planned to be released MR Dutt was sent to jail. This did not help our film it hampered our promotions. Without our hero we could not do promotions. 


So the point I am making is when things go wrong they will go wrong and in the film industry it is more true than ever. So if you wish to become a film maker do keep your patience handy.


Our only consolation later was that the film did manage decently in rural sectors.

-Ishrat Akhter

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  • H R Krishna Mohan

    Till today success is a surprise for the maker himself.

  • ramu


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