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Kinosphere is an App that assists those looking for work in the television or film industries by allowing them to apply through this platform. Our app is in the development stage, but the good news is that you can still apply to us and we will help you find the right jobs. We are constantly being requested by filmmakers to help them cast or find great scripts and assistant directors/ Dops. Kinosphere is helping movie producers, directors, scriptwriters, choreographers, music-composer, dubbing artists, and costume designers. In addition to placement services, Kinosphere provides camera rentals for short and feature films.

Job seeker


Who is a seeker? What is in there for you?

If you are looking for opportunities, you are a seeker. We have on-board some of the most creative Directors, Producers, Music Directors and Filmmakers for you to work with.

Staying updated with vacancies and applying through the Kinosphere app is the key to a successful career.

The app can significantly elevate your networking ability. You hobnob and interact with your peers as well as your role models. Kinosphere is a meeting place for creative minds that create magic through cinema.

When you’re a job seeker, you need all the help and advice you can get. For this, Kinosphere has created a space where you can share your experiences and journey in the area of film making and also get sound advice from others; who know better and have perhaps gone through similar hurdles.

Nowhere else in the world are movie stars so idolised and allowed to grow so powerful as to control the entire film industry. Kinosphere wants to democratize this space and offer equal opportunities.

What is a seeker expected to do?

There are some very simple things that are required of you.

  • Download the app and register yourself. You can do so through the website too.
  • Get used to the platform and see how you could use it for your benefit during your free trial.
  • Once you see clearly how useful this platform can be for you, please pay the preferred subscription fee.
  • Start applying and interacting with job providers and your peer groups. Appreciate and like their work just as you expect them to.
  • Create bonds that will last a lifetime!
  • Showcase your talent and services as much as you can and as effectively as you can. We offer you text, image, video and voice uploads.
  • Don’t give up! Your time will come!
What opportunities does Kinosphere give you?

We endeavour to make your life easy so that you may use the spare time to hone your talent or improve your services. The opportunity to network freely in an open and democratic manner is only possible due to the complexity of the technology available to us today. We are blessed to have this opportunity.

Some of the opportunities for seekers are:
  • Kinosphere provides a platform where you can connect directly with film producers, directors, short-film makers, serial makers etc.
  • Kinosphere allows you to update people following you with what all you are achieving every day.
  • It documents your growth and showcases you.
  • It allows you to see what others are doing and learn from it.
  • Most of all it saves you time so you can focus on your career.

Don’t be afraid to get involved and do your research well and position yourself for success! Pursue your modelling, theatre, or television acting, dancing, designing, music and so any other things with the Kinosphere app..

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