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  • Kinosphere is a Networking & Job Searching platform for Artists, Creatives and Film Professionals.
  • We help filmmakers and other media professionals find the right cast and crew for their projects and gigs, no matter how niche or specialized their requirements may be.
  • Kinosphere has an existing network of Film Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Writers, Choreographers, Musicians, Screen & Voice actors, VFX artists…
  • If you are in the creative field and looking to expand your horizons, Kinosphere is the place to be.

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  • Cinema field jobs for Artists, Creatives, technicians, and everyone in between.
  • Kinosphere has an OTT plaform for short films where you can earn money for views.
  • Kinosphere is building a marketplace for pics, videos and creativesallowing you to get a steady income as you wait for your opportunities.
  • Kinosphere is the meeting place for creative minds that create magic through cinema and other media. Build your network and comment on others work. Appreciate and give ideas.
  • Kinosphere is a networking platform for artists and content creators to showcase their work to their peers and have constructive feedback and interactions with their peers and more experienced mentors.
  • Kinosphere aims to democratize this space and offer equal opportunities in the film and media industry.

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