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Kinosphere is helping movie producers, directors, scriptwriters, choreographers, music-composer, and costume designers find the right assistants and staff. We offer these services offline. Please contact us if you need any kind of human resources to help you complete a film or in your media company.


Who is a Provider? What is in there for you?

If you are making a movie, short film, series or documentary and looking for talent & services, then you are a creator and provider of opportunities to thousands of talent looking for an opportunity to prove themselves and co-create magic with you.


When you create a film you need the support of actors/models, singers, musicians, script writers, producers, stylists, voice over artists, dancers, photographers and technical and non-technical people.

A film is one thing that’s is almost impossible to create without a team and Kinosphere helps you to build that team with the least amount of effort in minimum time. It also gives a wide range of people to choose from.

When you make a movie you can create a name for yourself, simultaneously you can create someone else’ life and career.

What is a provider expected to do?

There are some very simple things that are required of you.

  • Download the app and register yourself. You can do so through the website too.
  • Get used to the platform and see how you could use it for your benefit during your free trial.
  • Once you see clearly how useful this platform can be for you, please pay the preferred subscription fee.
  • Post and manage vacancies in your project.
  • Sieve through the vast pool of talent and service providers and form your team.
  • Showcase your short films.
What opportunities does Kinosphere give you?

Finding the right people is the most important thing. You need people to love your project the way you love it and contribute their best. They should believe in your idea and be sold out on it. When they understand your interests and motivations it makes it all the easier to do work and that really helps in creating a good film.

  • Kinosphere gives you an opportunity to locate like-minded people to work with as well as to try out newer people adding freshness to your movie projects.
  • Newer ideas, newer stories, newer talent and new equipment are all available at the tap of a button or touch of the screen.
  • You get to showcase your works including a dedicated place for short film screening.
  • Getting feedback on trailers and scenes becomes easy on the platform.
  • A support group and peer experience group helps and support you in tough times.
  • A place to exchange ideas or through ideas.
  • Above all Kinosphere give you digital platform for your search of best talent and best creativity.
  • Our talent management system will help you shortlist, audition and select the people you need.
  • Our search system is robust and innovative.
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