Service Providers

If you provide any services related to the film industry we welcome you at Kinosphere, for you are integral part of film making and promotions and distribution.

We help you to grow your business and help create great movies through camera rental or digital marketing or VFX or any other services. You may be a film financer, film buyer, OTT platform, film seller, celebrity manager, promoter, crew member, almost anything.

Service provider
What is a service expected to do?

There are some very simple things that are required of you.

  • Enter Job Platform. You can do so through the website too.
  • Get used to the platform and see how you could use it for your benefit during your free trial.
  • Once you see clearly how useful this platform can be for you, please pay the preferred subscription fee.
  • Start applying and interacting with prospective clients.
  • Make contacts and make an impression. Your reputation is everything in the industry. So many jobs are through word of mouth.
  • Build yourself a good reputation and you will be the one they recommend for the next job.
  • Create bonds that will last a lifetime!
  • Showcase your Services as much as you can and as effectively as you can. We offer you text, image, video and voice uploads of work done by you.
What opportunities does Kinosphere give you?
  • We give you the seekers and creators on the same platform and you can connect with them easily. Your clients can come from any of these categories.
  • We provide a platform where you can play a contributory role in other people's films.
  • Filmmaking is not about actor or director. There is a lot man other jobs that need to be done. It’s a collaborative effort. We give you opportunity to provide your own services to the process.

Service & Equipment Providers Subscription Packages

Basic - Rs.10,000(pay for 2 get 1 month free) Pro - Rs.30,000/year(Saving of Rs.30,000)
  • Basic package for 3 months
  • Package for 1 year